My friends used to make fun of me for washing my hair several times a day.  But I honestly think the worst thing in the world is greasy hair, and I'm uncomfortable all day if my hair feels or looks dirty.  So what's a girl to do?  Enter dry shampoo.  It's literally changed my life for the better, and my friends are so proud of the woman I've become.  It's a big accomplishment, trust me.  I have tried so many different types, from drugstore cheap to salon expensive.  And I keep coming back to the same two!


Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo is an easy pick.  You can find it anywhere - Target, Walgreens, Ulta.  It's usually about $5.99 for a good size bottle that will last you a while.  

The scent is very "soapy" clean.  Not great but definitely not bad, and it doesn't stick around long enough to be irritating.  This is my go-to when I only need my hair to look good for a breakfast date or morning meeting.  It gives you the kind of clean feel where you know you're wearing dry shampoo.  It doesn't make you forget that your hair is actually dirty.  But for a cheap, easy find, it's definitely worth traveling with or keeping in your cabinet. 



This is hands down my absolute favorite cross-my-heart-I-will-die-if-it-ever-disappears dry shampoo.  I got a sample of it once and it hasn't failed me since.  First of all, it has a natural tint (you can also buy it without), so it blends really nicely with my light brown hair.  No powdery white stuff here!  

Secondly, the scent is the best of all the dry shampoos I've ever tried.  Light, clean, super fresh in an almost-perfumed-but-not-too-much way.  This dry shampoo actually makes me feel like I have freshly washed and blown out hair.  It's that amazing.  And I don't say that lightly.  It makes your dull, dirty hair shiny again, and adds some volume.  I've even used it several days in a row.  After going to the gym (gross, I know, please don't tell). 

Unfortunately, it's not cheap or easy to find.  But it's worth keeping stocked in your apartment.  You can sometimes find it in specialty beauty supply stores, but I usually order it online.  You can grab it on Amazon for $20 - and the bottle is about half the size of Not Your Mother's.  But if you're looking for a special occasion, not-every-day kinda dry shampoo, this is the one.  I promise you.  It's magical.