Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour Paris!

Well, we made it!  Our goodbyes were said, our flight was smooth and comfortable, and the jet lag struggle was real.  I have to say I've truly never seen Kiel so disoriented - 24 hours without sleep and a new country where you have literally no idea what is being said can really screw with a person.  Fortunately we were able to figure out public transportation to take the bus to the metro to our apartment in the Marais - and how adorable is it?!

It definitely has its quirks, like a bed that folds into the wall (though it is one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever slept on) and a tub that's elevated about 3 feet, requiring extreme focus to get in and out.  But waking up and opening our windows to this view every morning? Priceless.


Our host was kind enough to share his favorite neighborhood spot for lunch: Au Petit Fer à Cheval.  It was an easy walk, thankfully, because we were out of it, to say the least.  Our first meal in Paris was perfect - the best onion soup we've ever had, the perfect ham & cheese baguette, and the most charming ambiance we could have asked for, even through our jet-lag blinders. 


We wandered the streets of the Marais for a while longer before finally surrendering to a deep, dreamless, and much needed nap.  We would wake up for only one thing - dinner, obviously!

Le Temps des Cerises, located in the Marais as well, was perfect.  We waited for a table, aperitifs in hand, and climbed a rickety staircase to a cozy room upstairs.  We were seated at a table with two Frenchmen - space was tight, after all - and attempted to read the menu. Luckily I could pick out enough words here and there to place our order: delicious, buttery, garlicky escargots; a beautiful seared tuna mille feuille; and seared duck with caramelized bananas.  We were in French food heaven, and the most beautifully necessary night of sleep came to us once we returned to our welcoming Murphy bed.

Day two started with the best of intentions - to see the sights!  We started with delicious croissants for breakfast and made our way to Sainte-Chapelle to buy our two day museum pass.  Well, things don't always go to plan, right?  Turns out on the second day of our museum tour, a strike was planned - meaning we wouldn't be able to see most of the sights - so we instead chose the next best option: the Eiffel Tower!  Not bad for a last minute audible.

We walked about 8 miles yesterday.  We saw a lot.  We only had one hiccup, and it was a big one.  My phone had crashed minutes after we had settled on the plane to Paris.  I won't bore you with the details, but we spent about 4+ hours in the Apple Store at the Louvre, waiting to figure out the problem.  To be honest, not being tied to my phone was quite lovely.  However, sharing a phone for photo and social media purposes was a slight nuisance for both of us.  It was a lot of time wasted in Paris, but we were able to discover some beautiful things while we waited - so it wasn't from a total loss!

After escaping the hell of the Apple store, we strolled back to our neighborhood in search of dinner and a carafe (or two) of wine.  Unfortunately, what we found was a tourist trap.  Worst of all, the food was lousy, and the last thing we needed after being trapped in a mall for several hours was the table of screaming children that couldn't sit still behind us.  Sometimes things don't go to plan, especially when traveling, but I'll take a bad day in Paris over a good day anywhere else. Besides, today is a new day, and there's more to be seen, drank and ate!