Hidden Gems

We've all got our secret spots.  The ones that we're dying to bring our best friends or first dates to, but don't dare for fear of them being overrun.  Fortunately (and unfortunately), I think there's too many people eating bad food and relying on Yelp to find their next meal.  While it can be useful at times, I think unbiased and unpaid recommendations are always the best way to go!  Here you'll find my favorites, and my honest reviews.  If there's anything I've learned in the service industry, everyone is different and every opinion is subjective - so take those mass produced opinions with a grain of salt! 


Los Angeles

LA can be a difficult city to navigate normally, and even more so when it comes to food.  While the food scene is exciting and ever-evolving, you have to find the gems in the midst of the latest celebrity hotspots and reality scenes.  When you do, you'll quickly learn that LA does it all - you just have to know where to look!


Amalfi Coast

Full of beauty and delicious seafood, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect splurge or honeymoon destination.  You'll find sunshine and beaches full of people relaxing, shopping the local boutiques, and dining al fresco.  While it's not the easiest place to navigate, it's definitely worth the effort!  Read on to see if Positano is your idea of heaven on earth.



Pastries.  Chocolate.  Cafés.  Bistros.  The food scene in Paris is one of the best in the world, and every corner café is adorable.  With a interesting mix of old world tradition and modern cuisine, it's hard to know who to trust.  Don't be afraid to give something a try - you only live once!

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While Spain has always been a culinary destination, it hasn't always been appreciated.  If you're not adventurous, it can be difficult to navigate.  The best way is to determine the local specialities in the region that you're visiting - and try them!  Spaniards are friendly, outgoing, and always willing to point you in the right direction.